Bridal Alterations at Joette Design

Did you spend months looking for the perfect wedding dress, only to find that the dress of your dreams doesn’t come in the right size? There is no need to fret, you just need to look into finding a talented tailor. Joette Design provides excellent services for bridal alterations.


When you need clothing alterations, you need to find a professional. Everyone has an aunt or a grandmother who can sew, but they may not have the right skill set to alter a dress or blouse. You don’t want to risk ruining your conceptually perfect garment, especially if that garment happens to be your wedding dress. We take pride in our quick turnaround time.

Big and small issues with your garment can be fixed with custom tailoring. Whether you would like to take your jeans in a size or you would like to completely change the cut of a blouse, a seamstress at Joette Design in Columbia Heights, MN, knows the proper steps for bridal and tuxedo alterations.


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